5 ways to manage your finances by breaking the rules

Savvy consumers know there’s a time and a place to question the traditional wisdom, especially when it comes to something as important as your money. It’s all too easy to become paralyzed by financial advice. Isn’t this tip more applicable for people older than you are? Shouldn’t that strategy be followed only if you have a company pension plan? Then there are the rules you hear over and over again, like setting aside three to six months’ worth of income to serve as an emergency fund. It’s a smart rule—and absolutely one worth following. Read more ›

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6 ways to save at home by breaking the financial rules


Nobody makes it this far into the year without steering outside the financial lane markers a time or three. Going off-road doesn’t necessarily mean you’re headed for disaster, though. Sometimes driving outside the lines saves money when you least expect it. Consider our favorite half-dozen ways to save money at home by breaking the financial rules. Read more ›

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3 automatic payments you should set up today

3 automatic payments you should set up today
Even when you know good and well you should be saving money regularly, pulling that chunk of cash out of your checking account every month stings. It’s so much easier when it happens automatically—out of sight, out of mind. You never miss the cash because you never see it come and you never see it go. Magic!

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Press Release: The House That PenFed Helped Build Gets an Owner

Alexandria, Va., November 20, 2014—When Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) partnered for the second time with Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC in July of this year, the home site at Northeast Washington, DC’s 56th Place didn’t look like much. “It was a simple construction site with only a few wooden frames up,” said PenFed President and CEO James Schenck. “Now, there’s a young Sailor who, at last month’s ribbon cutting ceremony, turned the key, and took ownership of a modern, energy efficient home that PenFed played a role in building.” Read more ›

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Announcement: Richmond’s Prudential Slater James River REALTORS® Acquired by PenFed Realty, LLC

Two leading firms join to bring Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices brand to greater Richmond Metro area.

Richmond, Va., November 20, 2014—PenFed Realty, LLC (PFR) today announced the news of its most recent acquisition of leading Richmond area real estate brokerage, Prudential Slater James River REALTORS® (PSJR). Operations under PSJR’s new branding, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty, will begin Feb. 1, 2015. Read more ›

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