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5 Reasons You Should Get A Credit Card

Maybe you don’t think you need a credit card because you aren’t spending outside your means. While that’s a reasonable financial plan, having a credit card has a lot of benefits that don’t just involve getting into debt. If you’re

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5 Ways To Track Your Gas Mileage To Save Money

5 ways to track your gas mileage to save money

Everybody wants to save money on gas — after all, transportation is one of the most basic items in any household budget. Keeping track of your gas mileage represents one of the smartest strategies for keeping a finger on what

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10 Ways To Build Stronger, Safer Passwords

Start 2014 with a fresh list of strong, secure online passwords. Especially when it comes to your most important accounts — email, banking and anything connected to your credit cards or payment sources like PayPal — changing passwords regularly remains

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5 Tips To Help Avoid ATM Fees

You might think spending a dollar or two at the ATM to get cash isn’t much — but those dollars can add up quickly if you regularly stop by an ATM that charges a fee. And on top of the

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How To Save Money Buying Gas

You’ve heard all the advice about keeping your tires properly inflated and not carting around a trunk full of junk or idling endlessly at school pickups or when waiting for a friend. You know how not to waste gas —

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