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Pile On The Savings By Using Senior Discounts

Pile on the savings by using senior discounts

Though you might find it embarrassing to go into a store and ask for a senior discount, once you hit age 50, doing so can help save on many purchases. Senior discounts ranging from groceries to travel can be as

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What are an insurance premium and an insurance deductible?

What are an insurance premium and an insurance deductible?

Insurance has a lot of specific terminology that you might get tangled up in if you don’t know the lingo. So before you start shopping for insurance—no matter what it’s for—let’s discuss the terms you’re most likely to encounter, so

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PenFed VA Mortgage Promotion Waives Origination Fee

PenFed’s New Cash Rewards Credit Card Pays Cash Back On All Purchases Everywhere

ALEXANDRIA, Va., March 26, 2014—Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) today announced that the credit union is running a limited time promotional offer that waives the origination fee requirement on its VA 15-Year and 30-Year Fixed mortgages. This promotion is available

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How To Find A Neighborhood With Good Schools

Even the perfect house won’t make a perfect home unless it’s located near great schools for the kids. Finding a neighborhood with good schools can be a tricky proposition, especially if you’re conducting your research long distance. Fortunately, you can

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Do You Need An Extended Warranty On That New TV Or Computer?

Do you need an extended warranty on that new TV or computer?

Deep down inside, you knew that extended warranty you bought for your new flat-screen TV was probably money down the drain but you caved under the onslaught of a high-pressure sales pitch. It couldn’t be all that bad of an

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