5 Ways To Track Your Gas Mileage To Save Money


5 ways to track your gas mileage to save money

Everybody wants to save money on gas — after all, transportation is one of the most basic items in any household budget. Keeping track of your gas mileage represents one of the smartest strategies for keeping a finger on what you’re spending.

How far are you driving? How much does that cost? How many miles can you drive on a tank of gas, and could that be improved? We’ll show you five ways to keep tabs on your gas mileage that you can use to help save money.

1. Windows calculator. If all you want to do is figure out your vehicle’s fuel economy, distance and fuel used, look no further than the calculator included on your Windows-based PC. Open the calculator, and then go to View > Worksheets > Fuel economy. Voilà!

2. My Trip Calculator. Enter the basics on the year, make and model of your car, and the trip calculator at FuelEconomy.gov will tell you how much gas you’d be expected to use traveling between two addresses of your choice. You’ll also learn how much that trip will cost based on current (or your input) gas prices. This is a simple, easy way to find out if your vehicle is performing as expected for its type.

3. Fuelly is a web-based tool that tracks your gas use over time and then helps you analyze your driving habits as well as your car’s fuel economy and the health of your vehicle. Add your vehicle from a standard list, and then track your fill-ups from the web, a mobile-optimized site designed for phones and tablets or even by SMS. Fuelly lets you look over reports to understand your actual costs and compare your results and performance over time. Your data becomes available to other Fuelly users, who can use them to compare the real-world costs of particular vehicles.

4. FuelLog is an app for your Android mobile smartphone or tablet that tracks not only your gas mileage and use but myriad other car-related expenses, too. You can scrutinize gas consumption and economy, total cost and mileage, average cost per distance or gas amount, average cost per month, year and driven distances, expenses and more. FuelLog even tracks related costs such as monthly insurance, tolls, yearly taxes, car parts, parking costs and oil changes.

5. Gas Cubby The popular Gas Cubby app for the iPhone or iPad tracks gas mileage plus basic maintenance expenses, presenting you with handy charts that help you examine your car’s miles per gallon, stats, gas prices, maintenance costs and more. You can even customize maintenance reminders and add multiple vehicles.

Keeping track of your gas mileage is a vital part of managing your regular budget. Once you know how much money you spend on gas each month and how far that will take you, you can plan the rest of your life with the assurance that you’ll be able to get wherever you need to go!

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2 comments on “5 Ways To Track Your Gas Mileage To Save Money
  1. Suzan hall says:

    Fuel mileage is one of the things that should be known to its owner. The best and efficient mileage helps the owner to cut down his fuel bills. We should record our information every time we refill our fuel tank so as to get the exact fuel mileage and also to check the variation in the mileage due to various factors i.e. change in climatic or road conditions or any fault in vehicle. So the information about apps in this blog that help’s to record this information and analyze result for it is awesome.

  2. Caroline says:

    Great post! It’s good to see what is available but it’s a shame we don’t have so many here in the UK as fuel consumption is a major issue!