What are UGMA/UTMAs and do I need one for my child?

What are UGMA/UTMAs and do I need one for my child?

Transferring financial securities to your kids for college can get tangled in all sorts of legal strings when they are still minors. Minors in most states do not have the right to make contracts; which blocks them from owning stocks,

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7 Reasons to Like PenFed on Facebook

What sort of nonsense is liking a financial institution on Facebook — isn’t Facebook just for keeping track of friends? The fact is, PenFed can pass along plenty of benefits when you connect with us on Facebook. Savvy members know

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New PenFed Benefit! Did you know you can now access your FICO® Score on PenFed Online?

New Feature on PenFed Online Banking Site Provides Free Access to ‘FICO® Score’ to Eligible Members

What are FICO® Scores? How do they impact my ability to get a loan or establish credit with a financial institution? How do I find out what my FICO® Score is? Where can I go to get my score? Is

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Choose a rewards card that rewards your lifestyle

These days, smart shoppers choose their credit cards with more than interest rates in mind —fringe benefits are the name of the game. The right rewards card can prove a valuable asset to your lifestyle, whether you’re reaping day-to-day benefits

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What is a Share Certificate and should I get one?

What is a CD and should I get one?

If you want to make more with your money than the dividend rates on savings account provide, but you are not interested in the risks of investment, a certificate of deposit — or share certificate — may be the savings

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