Weigh the pros and cons of buying an RV


Haven’t we all dreamed of life on the road? Whether you fantasize about living it up in a luxurious motor home or paring down to the basics in a streamlined fifth wheel, a specialized RV loan can turn those dreams

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What is the MLS?

online house hunting

House hunting? Then the MLS — which stands for “multiple listing service” or “multiple listing system” — is soon to become your best friend. The MLS is a database of home information provided by real estate agents. Though some information on

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Things to consider when buying a condo

condo keys

For some buyers, a condo can be a smart move, offering a residential community with lots of extra amenities and less maintenance than a typical single-family home. However, when you’re buying a condo you need to remember that you’re not purchasing

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Apple Pay™ is here . . . Get Started Today with PenFed!

Apple Pay

  What is Apple Pay? Apple Pay is a new and convenient way for you to virtually manage your credit and debit cards. Apple Pay changes the way you pay with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features built

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What should I know about a condo association before purchasing?

condo open house

One of the key differences between buying a single-family home and buying a condo is that your property will be governed by condo association, which sets rules for the community and maintains the property. A condo association can be a

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