Defend your finances with military-friendly credit cards


Did you know that your service to your country entitles you to certain financial relief and benefits? Debt relief for active duty personnel and credit card programs designed especially for servicemembers, are just two of the ways credit unions recognize

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Mobile banking versus online banking


Sometimes the old standards are the best—for instance, oven-baked pizzas versus the kind that are always soggy when they come out of the microwave (ick!). Newer and faster might not always be better, but they can be convenient and save

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Questions to ask when considering an equity loan


Taking out any kind of loan requires careful consideration, but never more so than with an equity loan that’s secured by the value of your home. Still, the low interest rates on equity loans make them appealing, and, like a

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Home buying advice for military personnel and vets


Buying a home can be especially tricky when you’re working around military service. If you’re on active duty, you’ll be on a tight timetable for selling your current home and choosing a new one. If you’re making the transition to

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What you need to know about digital wallets


Your credit card is now officially mobile. Gone are the days where you had to carry a wallet stuffed with credit cards. Today you can pay for many things just by using your smartphone—or even your smartwatch.

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