What you need to know about EMV chip-enabled debit cards


If you’ve gotten a new debit card recently, you might have noticed something different about it: many debit cards now feature a rectangular metallic chip placed just above the card number on the left-hand side.

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Electronic back-to-school helpers for parents


Go beyond spiral-bound notebooks and glue sticks this year with back-to-school tools that help the whole family get into the swing of the academic year. These apps and tech gizmos make keeping up with the family schedule simpler and faster

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The best travel rewards card features


While there’s no such thing as the perfect rewards card, there absolutely is such a thing as the card with rewards perfect for you. If you’ve got the travel bug, consider PenFed’s Premium Travel Rewards American Express® Card. This Card

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Best gas and rewards cards for your summer travel


A rewards credit card can be a good choice any time of the year, but with summer road trip season in full swing, it’s a great time to pick up a gas rewards card. Gas rewards cards can give you the

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The perfect gifts for grads and dads


Finding the perfect gift for a remarkable milestone like a graduation or a pivotal person like your father is no easy task. You want to find a gift that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Today, that

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