Mortgage programs for veterans and military personnel


Veterans Day recognizes and gives thanks to all those who have sacrificed to defend our nation’s freedoms. For those who serve, making the transition from an overseas deployment mission back to a stateside assignment—or back into civilian life, poses unique

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9 ways to keep your credit and debit card safe this holiday season


The holiday season is almost here, which probably means you’re out shopping for gifts or you’re heading home to visit family and friends for the holidays—or maybe both! Whatever your holiday plans may be, your credit and debit cards are most

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Holiday safety tips for your home and family


Back in the day, holiday safety was all about remembering not to let hot holiday lights rest against crinkly, paper gift wrapping or dry branches and needles. Thanks to cooler LED holiday lights, those concerns are less of a worry.

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4 reasons a car makes a great holiday gift

4 reasons a car makes a great holiday gift

Year-end sales have traditionally been considered a smart time to go shopping for a new car. Good news: They still are. Let’s find out why a new car turns out to be a great holiday gift.

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