Should you finance that with a home equity line of credit?


A home equity line of credit (or HELOC, as it’s called in the acronym-drenched world of finance) works a lot like a credit card, with one big caveat: Your home is on the line as collateral until you’ve paid off

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Most common real estate terms

real estate concept

If you’re purchasing your first home or otherwise diving into the world of real estate for the first time, you’ll find yourself confronted by a lot of unfamiliar terminology. Don’t let real estate jargon scare you away from your dream

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6 things to know about your earnest money deposit


When you’ve found the house of your dreams and you’re ready to make an offer, putting down a good faith deposit (also called earnest money) lets everyone know you’re on the same page and ready to do business. It lets

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What does a home appraiser actually do?

home appraisal

Getting your home — or what you hope will be your future home — appraised can be a source of anxiety. But an appraisal is an important part of the mortgage process. Getting a home appraised gives you a fair estimate of the home’s

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What to expect when negotiating on a home purchase contract

home for sale

When you’re contemplating buying a new house, you’re probably focusing on one number: the final purchase price. But when you’re negotiating a home purchase contract, the price of the home is only part of the puzzle (albeit a large one).

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