5 Questions first-time real estate investors should ask

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It doesn’t matter what your long-term financial goals are: smart investing will help you meet them. And for some investors, real estate can be a good choice, either alone or part of a portfolio of investments. But if you’re just

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How biweekly mortgage payments help you pay off your house sooner


If there were an easy way to make your mortgage payments that was guaranteed to nudge you over the payoff line sooner, wouldn’t you do it? Biweekly payment plans let you do exactly that, whether you choose the simplicity of

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5 financial New Year’s resolutions to skip for 2015


It’s not only the fattening hors d’oevres and chocolates or the headache-producing champagne that give you a headache come New Year’s Eve—it could be the impractical resolutions and wishful thinking about what you’re going to do differently with your finances

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6 ways to find the right neighborhood


Despite the proliferation of apps and websites that claim to help match homebuyers with the perfect neighborhoods, nothing beats old-fashioned legwork for tracking down the right fit. Not only is identifying the right neighborhood a completely subjective experience, but nothing

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FHA Mortgage FAQ

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Federal Housing Administration loans  were once an easy in for homebuyers without the ability to make a large down payment, but as prices have gone up on FHA mortgages they’ve lost some of their appeal. Though FHA loans are easier

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