Should you buy an investment property?


Real estate makes a smart investment—that part of conventional financial wisdom still holds true. But making profit from real estate isn’t about gambling on gargantuan property deals, nor is it about flipping homes. The slow, steady trickle of monthly rental

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9 winter driving tips for safer holiday travel


As we head into the holiday season, many of us will be driving to visit family and friends. But while the winter season’s snowy weather can be picturesque, it can also make for treacherous driving. If you’re getting ready to

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Mortgage programs for veterans and military personnel


Veterans Day recognizes and gives thanks to all those who have sacrificed to defend our nation’s freedoms. For those who serve, making the transition from an overseas deployment mission back to a stateside assignment—or back into civilian life, poses unique

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9 ways to keep your credit and debit card safe this holiday season


The holiday season is almost here, which probably means you’re out shopping for gifts or you’re heading home to visit family and friends for the holidays—or maybe both! Whatever your holiday plans may be, your credit and debit cards are most

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Drive home in style: The best family vehicles of 2016


Back in the day, buying a family car meant piling the kids into a station wagon. Later, it meant the relative luxury of a minivan. Today’s family vehicles are as diverse as families themselves. The best family rides of 2016

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