Teach yourself these routine car maintenance tasks


The ready availability of reliable online advice makes it feasible for just about everyone to take on routine car maintenance on their own. If you’ve ever wished you had just a little bit of help to walk you through changing

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How biweekly mortgage payments help you pay off your house sooner


If there were an easy way to make your mortgage payments that was guaranteed to nudge you over the payoff line sooner, wouldn’t you do it? Biweekly payment plans let you do exactly that, whether you choose the simplicity of

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6 affordable Valentine’s Day gifts


No Valentine’s Day gift feels romantic if it leaves either one of you tied up in knots over how much money just got blown. But that doesn’t mean you have to look cheap. Steer toward gifts only you could create

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6 little DIY ways to make your car safer in 2015


Responsibility—it’s a theme for most of us as we head into a new year, trying to get healthy, get ahead at work, and get our lives in ship-shape order. When it comes to keeping your car safe, sometimes it’s the

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