7 Bad Financial Habits You Need To Break Right Now

7 Bad Financial Habits You Need to Break Right Now - PenFed YourMoney Blog via Nerdwallet

Human beings are habit-creating machines, craving any mental or physical shortcut that lets us focus on higher-level thoughts, such as what’s for lunch or developing theories about Netflix dramas. Bad money habits are more difficult to steer out of than other

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April Is Financial Literacy Month: Are You Making The Most of Your Family’s Opportunities?

PenFed - Family Inc

PenFed Credit Union is proud to feature author and finance expert Douglas P. McCormick’s ground breaking book Family Inc: Using Business Principles To Maximize Your Family’s Wealth during financial literacy month.

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Energy Efficiency Tax Breaks Let You Go Green and Save Bucks

Energy Efficiency Tax Breaks Let You Go Green and Save Bucks

  Going green isn’t only a way to save the planet. It can also help you accomplish a less lofty but still necessary goal: saving money. Credit is due to Congress, technology and that economics classic, supply and demand. Installing

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When Debt Can Be Good For You — And When It’s Bad

It’s next to impossible to go through life without accruing some debt. The good news is that some loans can be healthy and even productive, which means there’s no rush to pay them off. Other debts should be erased more

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