Should you finance that with a home equity line of credit?


A home equity line of credit (or HELOC, as it’s called in the acronym-drenched world of finance) works a lot like a credit card, with one big caveat: Your home is on the line as collateral until you’ve paid off

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Life insurance frequently asked questions

life insurance concept

A life insurance policy is part of any sensible financial plan — and it can be key to ensuring your family’s long-term financial stability. However, life insurance can present a confusing array of options, so we’ll help you figure out the

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The difference between a soft credit check and a hard credit check


Should you worry about a ding to your credit rating if a potential employer runs a credit check on you? How can you shop around for the best mortgage rate without appearing to be going crazy for credit? Set your

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Is cosigning ever a good idea?

While it’s true that by signing on the dotted line (or cosigning for a loan or credit card), you can help a friend or family member in financial distress, there are a lot of reasons it usually doesn’t make good

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