Don’t Spoil The Fun Of Getting A Tax Refund!


Don’t Spoil the Fun of Getting a Tax Refund!

You’re about to receive one of the most important tax tips you’ve ever read. But don’t worry; you probably won’t need a pen or paper to remember it.

Here we go: Make absolutely sure you provide the IRS with an accurate account and routing number when you file your taxes electronically. This account and routing number must be the appropriate numbers for your financial institution, or your refund may not go to the correct place!

It’s always surprising how often the account and routing information given to the IRS is wrong. And the results can be depressing: refunds delayed, transactions rejected. Cats and dogs, sleeping together. Mass hysteria.

It’s absolutely critical that you supply the IRS with your correct banking information. Your routing number should be 9 digits long (and you can find it easily on and your checking number can also be accessed online.

We have instructions below to make finding your account number as easy as possible. Keep in mind that your account number is not the same thing as your member number. Your member number represents you, our member! Your account number represents the checking, share, or other account with PenFed.

How do I find my account number?

For taxes or electronic fund transfers, you will need the account number that you would like your funds transferred to or from.

To find your checking, savings or other account number using PenFed Online Banking:

  1. Log into PenFed Online
  2. On the main screen, next to the name of your checking or savings account, you will see an abbreviated version of your account number. Click the eye icon to the right of the abbreviated account number to reveal the entire number.

To find your account information on your paper or electronic statement:

  1. Locate one of your consolidated statements
  2. You’ll find your accounts and their account numbers under the section marked Summary of Accounts

For many transactions, including electronic tax returns, you will also need PenFed’s ABA routing number: 2560-7844-6

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