6 things to know about your earnest money deposit


When you’ve found the house of your dreams and you’re ready to make an offer, putting down a good faith deposit (also called earnest money) lets everyone know you’re on the same page and ready to do business. It lets the seller know you’re serious about their property and signals the start of the purchase process. Read more ›

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The difference between a soft credit check and a hard credit check


Should you worry about a ding to your credit rating if a potential employer runs a credit check on you? How can you shop around for the best mortgage rate without appearing to be going crazy for credit? Set your mind at ease by learning the differences between a hard credit check and a soft credit check and how they affect your credit report. Read more ›

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Is cosigning ever a good idea?

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While it’s true that by signing on the dotted line (or cosigning for a loan or credit card), you can help a friend or family member in financial distress, there are a lot of reasons it usually doesn’t make good financial sense to do so. It may seem like an easy way to help, but when you cosign, you’re as liable for the debt as the primary borrower is, and that means if they cannot make payments, creditors will come looking for you, instead. (In fact, those creditors might be more likely to go after you than the primary borrower, because your better credit rating is likely to suggest you’re more likely to repay.) Read more ›

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Press Release: PenFed Campaign with Football Legends Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith & Joe Theismann Soars as Football Fans Win Prizes, Assess Their Finances and Salute Our Troops

Win Signed Memorabilia from Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith by Entering ‘PenFed Promise Vise Card’ Challenge at PenFedPromiseCardChallenge.com.

ALEXANDRIA, Va., February 13, 2015—Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) continues to team up with Professional Football Legends Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, and Joe Theismann as the PenFed PROMISE CARD CHALLENGE creates touchdowns and touch-points with football fans around the country. The Challenge provides opportunities to meet these legends, and win other football themed prizes that include signed jerseys and footballs, while also supporting Homes for Our Troops and Toys for Tots. Read more ›

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