Weigh the pros and cons of buying an RV


Haven’t we all dreamed of life on the road? Whether you fantasize about living it up in a luxurious motor home or paring down to the basics in a streamlined fifth wheel, a specialized RV loan can turn those dreams into an affordable reality. Read more ›

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Press Release: PenFed Branch Services Return to San Antonio, Texas

After a four year absence in the community, Pentagon Federal Credit Union is bringing back branch operations to San Antonio. To celebrate the credit union’s return to the community, a public, weeklong, grand opening celebration that features daily themed events will be held March 16 through March 20, 2015.
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Add up the advantages of a home equity line of credit


Securing a loan using the value of their home has traditionally provided flexibility to homeowners seeking a prudent way to finance major expenditures. While a fixed-rate home equity loan may be just the ticket if you need a one-time lump sum of cash, a home equity line of credit (oftentimes referred to as an HELOC) makes more sense when you need money available on an ongoing basis. Read more ›

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What is the MLS?

online house hunting

House hunting? Then the MLS — which stands for “multiple listing service” or “multiple listing system” — is soon to become your best friend. The MLS is a database of home information provided by real estate agents. Though some information on the MLS is only available to real estate agents, a great deal of MLS information is easily available online, which makes digital house shopping a breeze.

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Things to consider when buying a condo

condo keys

For some buyers, a condo can be a smart move, offering a residential community with lots of extra amenities and less maintenance than a typical single-family home. However, when you’re buying a condo you need to remember that you’re not purchasing an independent piece of property: you’re buying into a community, with shared responsibilities for the development. Condos are typically governed by a condo association which assesses fees for the upkeep of shared areas and sets rules for residents that you’ll have to live by — and it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you commit to buy.

Here’s the questions you should ask if you’re considering buying a condo.

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