Spring Forward Into A New Rewards Credit Card

Learn more about rewards credit cards

Using a standard credit card with no rewards? Consider a rewards credit card and read more about what to look for when shopping for a new credit card.

“Spring forward” sounds so optimistic, but we’re not sure anyone really enjoys setting the clocks forward and losing an hour of sleep each spring. Yet that doesn’t mean the concept’s a wash. Take the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning in another area of your life: your wallet.

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Selling Your Home? These Home Improvement Projects Offer The Best Return

Selling your home? These home improvement projects offer the best return

If you’re getting ready to sell, you may want to consider remodeling to get the most cash out of the sale. Even though a major remodeling project can be pricey, in many cases you’ll earn your money back when you sell — especially if your home doesn’t quite match up with today’s style trends.

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Refinancing Auto Loans 101

Refinancing Auto Loans 101

Refinancing your auto loan and you could cut your interest costs, reduce your monthly payment and save big.

If you’re paying too much in interest on your car or truck loan, refinancing could be a great way to save some serious dough. Interest rates for vehicle loans may have dropped since you financed your auto. Or maybe you’ve improved your credit score, which could qualify you for a lower rate. Either way, it could be worth hundreds of dollars in savings to get a new auto loan to replace your current one.

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How To Buy A Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car

Shopping for a used car is a great way to get the most vehicle possible for your money, and there are lots of preowned gems out there just waiting to be found. These simple steps can help you choose one you can drive happily for years to come. Read more ›

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