7 Reasons To Like PenFed On Facebook


7 Reasons to Like PenFed on Facebook

What sort of nonsense is liking a financial institution on Facebook — isn’t Facebook just for keeping track of friends? The fact is, PenFed can pass along plenty of benefits when you connect with us on Facebook. Savvy members know it is smart to like PenFed on Facebook.

1. Help us offer products and services that better fit your needs. When you share your experiences with PenFed financial products and services and tell us what sort of things would help you even more, we can improve what we offer to better fit your needs.

2. Read stories about real people and real heroes. We’re a lot like you — we love to read about people’s lives and find out who is making waves and who is getting things right. Whether it’s helping find foster homes for the pets of deployed soldiers or enjoying a bunch of firefighters who bring humor and style to helping a child, the human touch warms our hearts.

3. Get a heads up on great deals. When PenFed is offering a special loan rate or time-sensitive deal, you will find out fast on Facebook.

4. Tips for saving money and managing your finances. Find more of our best advice for saving money, managing your finances and making your money work hard for you.

5. Be first in line for new products and services. When PenFed launches something new to help you (like the recent relaunch of our mobile app), find out first! We can give you more details about new products and services and help you recognize benefits you might not notice in a website banner announcement or statement flier.

6. Get in touch with us fast. Like most financial institutions, we won’t handle your private matters in a public forum, but we’re always glad to connect with you on Facebook before moving to a more private channel when you have a concern that needs prompt attention.

7. Win a prize. We gave away a Surface Pro 3 tablet to one lucky fan for five days around the Fourth of July holiday. If you follow our Facebook page, you would have heard all about how to get your chance to win!

Help us connect with and serve you better. Like PenFed on Facebook and enjoy more of the personal, professional service that marks our commitment to you.



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