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These days, smart shoppers choose their credit cards with more than interest rates in mind —fringe benefits are the name of the game. The right rewards card can prove a valuable asset to your lifestyle, whether you’re reaping day-to-day benefits like cash back on gas purchases or enjoying travel discounts when it’s time to jet out on vacation. Don’t accept the first credit card offer you see, or you could find yourself accumulating rewards that don’t suit you at all.

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you drive a long way to work regularly? Do you want to earn cash back on groceries and regular purchases? There is an option at PenFed for you.

For the frequent flyer How good is the PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express® Card? Well, WalletHub put it on the Best Travel Cards for Summer 2014 list. If you’re a frequent flyer, this is the card for you. Earn 5 points for airfare purchases using this card or 1 point for other types of purchases. Then redeem your points for a range of rich rewards, including air travel, hotel accommodations, car rentals, brand-name merchandise and gift cards. Check out the options at You also get complimentary 24-hour concierge service plus two complimentary Lounge Club visits at airports around the world once you’ve spent $15,000 on the card during a single calendar year.

For the road tripper or carpooler If you clock lots of miles on the road, get cash back from money spent at the gas pump with the PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards Visa® Card. You will earn at least 3% cash back on money spent at the gas pump; qualifying members will enjoy 5% cash back.

For the shopper If rewards for the money you spend on a day-to-day basis sounds like a smart deal, sign up for the PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa® Signature Card. This card leads WalletHub’s list of “Best Credit Cards for Gas 2014” list. Earn 5 points on gas purchases at the pump, 3 points on supermarket purchases and 1 point on other purchases. When it is time to redeem your points, choose from air travel discounts, hotel accommodations, car rentals, brand-name merchandise and gift cards (see Other benefits include special savings and discounts from top retailers, an inside connection to exclusive ticket pre-sales; special stay-and-play packages and exclusive ticket discounts; access to premier golf benefits, sporting events and complimentary wine tastings; complimentary 24/7 concierge service; purchase Security; warranty manager service; travel and emergency assistance service and roadside dispatch; travel accident insurance and death and dismemberment coverage, and more.

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