4 Smart Apps For Keeping Tabs On Your Budget And Spending


4 smart apps for keeping tabs on your budget and spending

You have a few bills that come online, another handful that do not, a financial wish list on a paper somewhere in the file cabinet (or was that the junk drawer in the kitchen?), and a huge pile of receipts on your desk waiting for you to figure out what you need to keep and what you can confidently toss. This is also the month where you finally get to decide if you can afford to upgrade that outdated cell phone, or perhaps instead, consider spending a little extra on Mother’s Day.

Don’t be intimidated by the clutter! Take a deep breath. You can corral your finances confidently on your own with a little hand-holding from these money management apps.

Make your budget

Mint.com. The inarguable leader among budgeting apps is the amazingly free Mint.com. Mint pulls all the information from your various accounts together in one place, and then builds your budget for you. It’s so simple. It organizes your expenses into categories so you can see what would happen if you tightened your belt here, or spent a bit more there. Our favorite part: simple graphs that show what’s leftover once you’ve paid the bills and met your monthly savings goals. And since Mint was created by Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, you can trust that they have a handle on keeping sensitive data secure.

FlexScore. Has anybody ever actually had fun tracking their finances or setting up a budget? You can with the gamified approach of FlexScore. FlexScore evaluates your financial health and then assigns you a score. Once your number’s in hand, the rest is up to you. Share and compare your score with friends and family, and earn bragging rights by bringing it up. FlexScore gives you an edge by slipping you advice on tactics like paying down your debt or setting up automatic deposits to build your savings.

Keep your record keeping simple

FileThis. Paperless is for everybody these days. Keep more paper from ever hitting your desk with FileThis. FileThis funnels all the statements, bills, receipts and other paperwork you’re your bank and payment accounts to safe storage on your computer or the cloud service of your choice. Looking for records? They’re all right there, and it’s all done automatically.

Expensify. If you’re tied to tracking business expenses, lighten the load with Expensify. Once you’ve connected Expensify to your bank and payment accounts to categorize and automatically track expenses, your days of hoarding bills and receipts and little slips of paper are over. The mobile app makes things even easier, allowing you to scan receipts on the fly and keep track of mileage and billable hours on the fly.

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