3 Ways To Prepare For Memorial Day Auto Sales


3 Ways To Prepare For Memorial Day Auto Sales

Who wants to spend Memorial Day weekend slogging through crowded car lots and showrooms? Memorial Day auto sales definitely offer deals worth getting out of the house for, but nobody wants to waste an entire holiday weekend on the business of buying a car or truck.

The secret to Memorial Day sales success: snag a good deal before you even leave your home. When you walk in to the dealer fully prepared, you’ll be the customer every salesperson wants to escort straight to the office to sign on the dotted line. Here’s what to know before you go.

Find the right vehicle

It’s fun to hit the showroom with an open mind and no agenda at all, but Memorial Day sales may tempt you into a purchase you’ll regret later if you haven’t thought things through. What kind of vehicle do you need? Is most of your driving a grim crawl to the office down bumper-to-bumper highways and city streets, or will you be breezing around the suburbs or bumping down graveled country lanes?

Start your research by finding out what’s hot for 2017. Once you narrow down what kind of vehicle you’re interested in, it’s time to dive deep. Which vehicles offer the features you want in the options packages you can afford?

PenFed’s Car Buying Service makes a great research tool for pricing potential purchases and investigating various trim and options packages. The PenFed Car Buying Service lets you research, find and purchase a new or used car from the comfort of your own home—and no more haggling in the showroom. If the Memorial Day sales and crowds aren’t your thing, this is truly the no-hassle way to buy a car from the comfort of your home.

Don’t forget to tally up the details:

Find the right price point

Once you have an idea which vehicle(s) you’re interested in, pin down your price point. This is the time to get tough with yourself. Run the numbers to find out how much you can afford so you’re not tempted into buying a summer firecracker if your budget is more reminiscent of fall leaves in the wind.

Buying a vehicle is a little like buying a home in that the rule of thumb says you should aim to put about 20 percent down.

Use the PenFed auto affordability calculator to find out how much car or truck you can afford, and get a handle on monthly payments with the monthly payment calculator.

Find the right financing

There’s no sense shuffling through Memorial Day crowds in the showroom and waiting in long lines only to have to haggle with salespeople. If you secure your financing before you hit the car lot, every salesperson will want to be the one to make a deal with you because you’re coming in essentially with money in hand.

Why not finance your new vehicle with the people you trust right here at PenFed? Financing a vehicle with PenFed gives you a head start with competitive loans for both new and used cars or trucks.

Car sales survival tips

Don’t let the razzle-dazzle of Memorial Day blowout sales short-circuit your smart new car or truck deal. No matter how good a Memorial Day special seems, there’s no such thing as now or never. Feel confident about walking away if you need time to think it over. You’ll almost certainly be able to find another vehicle or another deal like it another time at another dealer.

PenFed wishes you a happy Memorial Day. Good luck, and good new (or used) vehicle shopping!


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