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It’s graduation season, and if you’re racking your brain for the perfect graduation gift, we have some suggestions.

Give the gift they want with a gift card
Though they have a bad reputation as a thoughtless gift, you’ll find most grads will be thrilled to get a gift card they can choose how to use. Cards for big stores like AmazonTarget and Walmart can help pay for apartment decor, a more office-friendly wardrobe or even groceries — or a Visa gift card can be used to buy anything at all. For a more high tech gift, consider a gift card for iTunes (if they have an iPad or iPhone) or Google Play (if they have an Android phone or tablet). If you want something a bit more personal, you can always get a gift card to their favorite restaurant or shop. Trust us: they’ll love it.

Get them ready for the office
If your college grad is going to be heading into an office every day, it may be time to update their wardrobe to match. Buying clothes can be difficult because it’s hard to know the right fit and the style they’ll love, but accessories are a little easier. Ties, scarves, hats, jewelry and other accessories can be a good fashion option without being something they’ll immediately return. But if you want to give the gift of fashion without the risk, you can always give them a gift card to the nearest department store instead.

Of course, clothes aren’t the only thing a recent graduate might need to survive office life. A good laptop or commuter bag is a must for getting back and forth from the office. Any office or cubicle will need a bit of decor, from low-maintenance plants to desktop toys. And, again, gift cards are a safe bet: consider gift cards for restaurants or coffee shops near your grad’s new office to pay for a few lunches, or perhaps passes for public transportation to get to and from work.

Upgrade their apartment
Whether you’re shopping for a college graduate moving into a new apartment or a high school graduate moving into a dorm, they’re likely to need at least a few home essentials. Do a surreptitious inventory of what they have and try to fill the gaps, whether that means kitchenware, appliances or furniture. If you aren’t sure what they need, a gift card is always a good option — there’s nothing worse than giving an unwanted gift.

Subscriptions you know they’ll love
There are tons of great subscription services out there, and they can make great gifts. Consider Netflix, or HBO Now for TV and movies; Pandora for music; PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold for video games; or Kindle Unlimited for books. All of them offer great entertainment options, and even if your grad already has a subscription, your gift can pay to extend it.

High tech accessories
All of us are technology dependent, and your grad may appreciate a gadget gift whether they’re tech savvy or not. A new iPad or other tablet is a pricy gift, but usually an appreciated one — and can be affordable as a group gift. For more moderately priced tech toys they’ll love, consider a universal charger or a nice set of headphones.

Get them ready for college
While plenty of the above gifts are great for college or high school graduates, there are a few specific things college-bound students could use. Consider grabbing them gear with their university logo, like a t-shirt, jacket, or hoody. A good, sturdy backpack is also a must-have, but you’ll want to be certain they don’t already have one. School supplies are also a must — and any college-bound grad will appreciate not having to buy them. If you can get a copy of their book or supply list, anything on it could make a good gift. For students that prefer taking paper notes in class, notebooks, pens, and other supplies can be handy, while anyone opting for a high tech route might enjoy a wireless bluetooth keyboard to take notes on their smartphone or tablet.

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