When Debt Can Be Good for You — and When It’s Bad

It’s next to impossible to go through life without accruing some debt. The good news is that some loans can be healthy and even productive, which means there’s no rush to pay them off. Other debts should be erased more

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Building a Credit Score From Scratch

Young adults starting out on their own often bump into a cold fact of financial life: Having no credit history can limit your options just as much as having bad credit does. Lenders, rental offices and insurance companies use your

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Confidently shop the Presidents Day car sales with these tips

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new car, you’re in luck, because Presidents Day is packed with car sales. But if you want to get the best deal, you need to do a little more than just run

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How to Budget When You Have Seasonal Income

Rewarding careers don’t always come with a steady paycheck. For people who work in agriculture, construction, tax preparation, entertainment, landscaping or other types of freelance and seasonal businesses, income may vary wildly depending on the time of year. This uneven

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Best gadgets that you and your car will love

Valentine’s Day offers a sweet opportunity to show a little love and appreciation for your trusty set of wheels. Your hard-working vehicle gets you everywhere you need to be, but chasing technological advances can outpace a budget very quickly—therefore, it’s

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