The Best Car Accessory Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day


The Best Car Accessory Gifts For Dad This Father's Day - PenFed Your Money Blog

It’s almost Father’s Day, which means you’re probably racking you brain for great gifts for Dad. So let’s start with something he loves: his car. Here are some must-haves for Dad’s car, just in time for Father’s day.

For charging his gadgets in the car
If there’s one thing in life everyone can agree to, it’s that our smartphone batteries don’t last nearly long enough. Dad’s daily commute is a perfect time to charge up his smartphone with a charger that plugs into the car’s 12V outlet to add a USB port (or two or four) that you can plug a smartphone into. By the end of his commute, Dad’s phone should be fully charged!

If your dad uses multiple phones or devices, consider giving him a dual USB car charger. For dads who stress emergency preparedness, then a multi-tool charger that doubles as a window breaker and seatbelt cutter is sure to impress. Just don’t forget to pick up the charging cable Dad will need to use these chargers.

For staying entertained on his daily drive
Upgrading the car’s stereo by replacing the in-dash radio or the speakers is great for improving his experience. Keep in mind those can be pricey upgrades — plus you would need an excuse to take Dad’s car for the day. Smaller upgrades can be gift-wrapped. If his car doesn’t talk to his phone via Bluetooth, it 
only costs around $30 to get a plug-in adapter that will let him pair his phone (or other Bluetooth-enabled device) to his car stereo for listening on the go.

If a stereo upgrade isn’t on the agenda, what about the gift of entertainment? Consider an Audible gift subscription for audio books, or a Pandora or Apple Music gift subscription for music wherever he is .

For keeping his car in top condition
Why is the check engine light on again? For dads who are interested in looking after their cars without taking a trip to the mechanic, 
Automatic could be the ideal gift. This gadget plugs into the on-board diagnostics port on his car (any 1996 vehicle or newer should have one) to send diagnostic codes straight to his smartphone. And if that’s not enough, it can also call for help in case of a crash, track his mileage and help him find his car in a crowded parking lot.

For keeping an extra eye on the road
A dashboard camera can be a practical tool for recording accidents, it’s also a great road trip companion, keeping track of the scenery while Dad needs to be watching the road. But on the highway, where there’s generally less to see, there’s still some comic value to recording the antics of fellow drivers (and Dad’s rants in response).

For keeping the sun out of his eyes
Anyone in the car every day needs a good pair of sunglasses, and not just for style. In addition to dimming the summer sun, high-quality sunglasses will block UV rays to protect his eyes. That’s a big deal, because 
long-term exposure to UV can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and other vision problems. You can look out for Dad’s health without making any fuss (which most dads hate) with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

For staying hydrated (or caffeinated) on the go
It may not be an exciting gift, but it is a practical one: the travel mug. A good travel mug will keep coffee hot during a long commute and never spill on the upholstery. Whether you buy him one that says “World’s Best Dad” is up to you, though.

Is it time for a brand new car?
Maybe it’s time for an upgrade beyond accessories. If so, 
consider financing a new or used car with PenFed. No matter what kind of vehicle your dad might like, we have auto loans at competitive rates. Apply today!

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